Extra: April Consumption

what fed me all month long

Welcome to my end-of-the-month round-up of consumables, including a PANDEMIC CORNER!

Book: Silver in the Wood by Emily Tesh.
My kid asked me to get this from the library and then pressed it into my hands. I was feeling generous and aquiesced (it’s a slim volume). What a tiny little jewel of a book. Set in a forest full of sprites and spirits, with a simple, keen plot, this story is an exquisite companion for a rainy day under the duvet.

TV: Better Call Saul.

Sometimes, you just need a TV show that you watch by yourself. Last year, I watched all of Breaking Bad on my own. Followed that up with the El Camino movie, then segued immediately into Better Call Saul. Bob Odenkirk is entrancingly horrible and loveable. Everyone in my family hates this show when they trip over me watching it, but they also linger in the background and watch it alongside me, at times, too.

Podcast: Behind the Bastards.
I love this podcast for its extensive coverage of the worst people in all of history, which is both disheartening and funny, all at once. But if you’re looking for just plain funny, please check out all the episodes covering True Allegiance, Ben Shapiro’s terrible novel. Nothing is funnier than stripping away all the jingoistic engorged pomp that this guy thinks passes for imagination. And his view of reality is no better, as in the opening lines, where host Robert Evans points out a critical error on a topic Shapiro purports to know about: how guns work.

Recipe: Basic Pot Roast.
Take a long Sunday and start chopping your way through your misery until you have a savory meal that goes well with roast potatoes and salad greens lightly dressed with lemony-thyme olive oil. We all have a need for a sturdy meal that fortifies us going into a new week of humdrum and hassle, and this one is quite delightful.


April Peeve:
I am attempting to be less peevish, as I’ve received both doses of the vaccine and there is no longer much gain in me sharing my crabby feelings. Asking me to remove my mask because it ‘makes you feel uncomfortable’ will expose you to the rough side of my tongue, however.

April Self-Soothing Measures: 
I was not good at this in April. I ate candy. I ate pizza. I trudged through dog walks in rainy weather and hung laundry on sunny afternoons. I took baths with bath streusels and lavender soap. I took naps. Nothing really restored me, though these things made it possible to keep plodding along. Wish I had better news, friends.