Goodbye TinyLetter, Hello Substack!

Hello readers!

It’s 2021. And I’ve got some new plans for my email newsletter I’d like to tell you about.

1) I’m now using Substack, which has a few more capabilities than TinyLetter, mostly things that will make publishing content easier for me.

2) Your subscription will feature four letters per month, categorized as follows:

Think. — basic meditations on whatever comes over the transom in my life, e.g. stories about Jelly, analysis of family relationships, etc.
Make. — shorter form review of things I make with my own physical hands
Write. — contemplation of words, writing and craft
Wear. — me complaining + analyzing the state of femme fashion choices

3) Your subscription will always feature free content. If I decide to monetize anything, you’ll get an email letting you make that choice.

4) To subscribe, hit the link below and look for an email from me confirming your subscription (check your spam folder if you can’t find it). If you like what I make, feel free to share with friends. To unsubscribe, scroll to the bottom and hit “unsubscribe.”

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